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Discover the world’s most exceptional jewellery designers, from the emerging to the iconic.

FINEMATTER is a digital luxury marketplace showcasing a curated selection of fashion, demi-fine and fine jewellery from leading independent jewellery designers.

We enable design-savvy customers anywhere in the world to discover trend-setting jewellery studios across the globe – hidden gems, started and run by the world’s most exceptional jewellery designers. As a team of avid travellers and fashion lovers, we know the thrill of discovery when stumbling upon an extraordinary shop in a new city. FINEMATTER is built on the power of that thrill, and we take pride in discovering and partnering with the most exciting jewellery studios from design-capitals across the globe. You can now shop an unmatched range of jewellery directly from these studios, and have unique pieces delivered to you anywhere in the world with care, speed, security and transparent prices.

Our vision is to enable independent jewellery designer-entrepreneurs to grow beyond one store. We do so by providing an international exposure platform and a direct link to discerning customers. When shopping on FINEMATTER, you will support independent designers you believe in, and shop directly from their studios, with no middle-men or agents in between.

With roots in Scandinavia, we naturally value high quality design, craftsmanship, and a sustainable approach to production and business operations. All of our designers represent a singular, strong design aesthetic, and work against the highest standards of quality – whether in the fine, demi-fine or fashion category. All designers produce their designs in responsible studio environments, and many work with recycled materials and precious stones.

FINEMATTER is a young company, founded in 2017 by a team of fashion executives in the capital of Scandinavian design, Copenhagen. We work out of our offices in the historic centre of the city in Nyhavn.

You can get in touch with us directly here: – enquiries related to orders, specific styles and customer care – for enquiries related to designers and partnerships – for enquiries related to content and editorial – for all general enquiries, B2B