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Finematter believes that it’s good to be different. So, we bring to you a curated selection of exceptional jewellery by independent artists – handcrafted pieces that are perfectly imperfect and made just for you. Making a personal choice and finding something that is uniquely yours just got easier.

When you shop with Finematter, you’re buying directly from the studios of our designers. We support independent creatives and entrepreneurs by helping them scale their businesses beyond one store without losing their creative integrity. That means that these beautifully unique pieces of jewellery are essentially passed from the artists’ hands straight to yours.

“We support independent creatives and entrepreneurs by helping them scale their business beyond one store.”

In a world of mass-produced convenience, Finematter is a breath of fresh air that celebrates individualism, artistry and above all – a human touch. Sourcing from the finest independent jewellery artists from across the globe, we showcase a selection of supremely unique and design-leading pieces. This allows you to browse and buy exceptional high-end jewellery, safe in the knowledge that the experts at Finematter will guide you on design, materials and provenance. Just think of us as your white-gloved jeweller on the web.

“Just think of us as your white-gloved jeweller on the web.”

Much more than just a market place for exceptional hand-crafted jewellery, Finematter aims to be a force for good. Building towards a business that is inherently sustainable in everything it does, Finematter supports and educates its studios and artists in developing more sustainable production methods.  Enabling experience and information-sharing as well as apprenticeships, this community gives independent brands the power and knowledge to build their businesses in a way that is good for both themselves and the planet.


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