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Jewellery with a conscience: Conversations with Sarah Winther

With a background in fine arts, Sarah Winther’s jewellery is inspired by the most minute details in our surroundings, from mineral fragments to crystal structures and rock formations. The results are unique pieces of jewellery – each handcrafted in her Copenhagen studio, and made using environmentally conscious techniques and chemicals where possible.

“All of my designs” Sarah Winther tells me, “originate from formations in nature. From the grand cliffs and rocks to the smallest surface structures and minerals.” The Danish jewellery designer has drawn inspiration from the wildness of Scandinavian nature – specifically the rocky cliffs of Sweden, where she lived and studied. 

Today, she is the founder of her own business – the creator of her own line of unique, handmade jewellery, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Each piece is cared for down to the smallest detail, made to order specifically for each customer.

We visited the designer while she worked away at her workbench to talk design inspiration and her deep commitment to sustainable jewellery-making practices.

Capturing the Wilderness of Scandinavian Nature in jewellery

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