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Editorial September 11th, 2018

Using long layered necklaces to upgrade a look to high-fashion is a well-known secret of the style elite. Whether worn with a crisp white shirt, on top of a turtleneck, of with a slouchy t-shirt, a cascade of long gold necklaces is sure to elevate any look immediately.

Sure enough, we’ve spotted this style trick on many an instagrammer lately, with variations ranging from dainty layered necklaces to maximalist combinations of statement necklaces. Long layered necklaces can be combined in endless variations, and we love the way this allows us to create many looks from the same pieces. We give you the ultimate guide to the fine art of layering necklaces below.


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To get that layered look, there needs to be something to layer! You should aim for three to four necklaces to get the most classic layered look, although you can also opt for a more minimalistic, architectural look with two necklaces, or go all in and pile it on. Anything goes!

When choosing which necklaces to combine, aim for necklaces with significant differences in length. A choker is a good candidate for any layering combination, for instance, as it will create a significant difference in length to the rest of the chains, and a long necklace is a must to create balance.

Not sure which lengths to combine? See our size guide to get an idea of where necklaces will land when worn together.


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To find your favourite layers, make a statement necklace the centrepiece of your collection. A coin necklace works wonders as a base, for instance, and can make an entire look. You could also opt for a favourite pendant necklace, or a single diamond necklace for a bit of bling. In fact, the more personal, the better – so do go sift through your jewellery box to find that old friendship necklace and give it a modern-day upgrade, or take a cue from layering master Dua Lip and use your favourite ring as a pendant.

To achieve the ultimate summer 2018 look, make a pearl pendant necklace your centrepiece, giving some natural texture and some subtle colour.


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A surefire way to create a look that is personal and interesting is to combine necklaces of different weights and textures. For instance, you could pair dainty short necklaces with a long pendant necklace, or take a season favourite, chunky long chain necklaces, and pair it with finer strands. The key here is variation! If you find that perfect mix of chains of different texture and width, you can pull off an elegant look by layering the chains alone – even without pendants or other statement pieces.

A plus: combining chains of different weights actually prevents tangling!


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Did we mention variation is key? Do add an oxidized silver necklace to a layered gold necklace set, for instance, or add your summer shell necklace to your gold stack for immediate wow-effect. You can also bring in other materials – a woven strand in a subtle colour is ideal for creating lots of texture, like the intricate creations of Marie-Laure Chamorel.


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If you’re finding it difficult to achieve interesting layers, fret not! We’ve got the secret sauce: lariats. A lariat (also known as a “y necklace”), is a layering staple that is sure to elevate your layers. It adds length, elevating the upper body and contrasting with shorter layers, and creates interest by breaking the curves of the other necklaces. Try it, it’s a winner!

If despite these tricks to layering necklaces you’re still not feeling your look, contact us and we would be happy to help you assemble the perfect layered look. Find our contact info below, or send us a DM on Instagram, or a message on Facebook.

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