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Editorial November 15th, 2018

As much as we all enjoy dressing up for a night out, there’s no better feeling than that of feeling well-dressed on a regular Tuesday. We’ve rounded up the best styles to help you achieve that effortless everyday-chic look.


Top of our list are the ever-classic studs – simple, elegant, and easy to wear, these small wonders will elevate any outfit. Best of all? You can sleep in them at night. We won’t tell. Discover the best stud earrings from our talented designers below – from dainty to whimsical, we’ve got a fantastic selection.

From left to right: Katrine Kristensen’s minimal, delicate ‘Side by Side’ studs, Anni Lu’s coin-shaped ‘Spark Studs‘, Sarah Winther’s handmade ‘Silver Crystal Studs’, Lind & James architecturally-inspired ‘TGM No13’ studs, Katrine Kristensen’s ‘Rainbow Sapphire’ earring and Marlene Juhl Jørgensen’s whimsical ‘Lips Stud’ earrings.


You could argue that they’ve never really gone out of style, but the hoop is definitely back in full force. Go for a small or medium-sized pair of hoops for classic elegance that works particularly well with a blazer, or go for a more daring look by pairing hoops of different sizes in the same ear. Discover the most stylish designer hoop earrings below.

From left to right: Maria Black, Nymark Copenhagen, Goldpoets, Marlene Juhl Jørgensen, Sarah Winther.


An often overlooked but simple way of upgrading an everyday look is by turning to the ‘earjacket’ – a nifty style that usually sits at the top of the ear, and adds interest in an unusual spot.

Danish designer Katrine Kristensen creates minimalist fine jewellery that can be mixed and matched by combining ‘front’ earrings and ‘back’ earrings. Shown below: The ‘Mini Sunray Earring’ and the ‘Single Sunray Earring’.


 Add texture and flavour to a simple outfit by turning to the dangle earring – combine several of them for added texture.

From left to right: Me & Audrey’s classic long pearl earrings, Anni Lu’s Sister Earrings, Pernille Lauridsen’s ‘Muriel Earring’, Maria Black’s ‘Thyra Earring’, Goldpoets’ ‘Dream Earrings’ and Miss Mathiesen’s “Tassle Me Earrings”.


Pearls have been flooding our feed in the last few months, and for good reason. These beautifully natural and imperfect shapes give instant texture and add a romantic touch.

From left to right: Pernille Lauridsen’s ‘Pink Amphitrie Earring’, Pernille Lauridsen’s ‘Nami Earrings’, Anni Lu’s ‘Stars & Pearls Earrings’, Sorelle’s ‘Baroque Pearl Thread Earring’, Pernille Lauridsen’s ‘Daliah Earring’ , Sorelle’s ‘Pearl & Tourmaline Earring’.


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